I am a doctoral candidate in anthropology at Yale University. My dissertation project is on cultures of in/security in Tokyo. My dissertation work situates itself on the shifting ground between potential future earthquakes and concrete everyday practices in Japan.  The dissertation explores how non-disaster related preparedness work serves to answer the problems of preparedness without addressing the disaster as problem. A few writers past and present who always set my heart pounding include Michel Serres, Michel Leiris, Paul Virilio, Alphonso Lingis, Nicholson Baker, Wolfgang Borchert, Joan Didion, Donald Barthelme, Simone Weil, Claude Lévi-Strauss, Kon Wajiro, etc.. I’m also a big fan of folk wisdom and have made this proverb site where I’ve collected some of my favorites from over the years. Bring any questions and comments about architectonic tokyo to ryan.sayre (at) yale.edu  Many thanks! 

Preparedness Concept Work

This  is a sandbox for my work on the various concepts

relevant to preparedness (under construction)


The Being of Readiness:

An Anthropology of Earthquake Preparedness in Japan