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Anthropology Lecture Series

Lewis Henry Morgan Lectures

    1. 2010   Lisa Rofel and Sylvia Yanagisako Managing the New Silk Road: Italian-Chinese Collaborations

    2. 2009   James Ferguson Declarations of Dependence: Labor, Personhood, and Welfare in South Africa and Beyond

    3. 2008   J. Lorand Matory  The Other African Americans

    4. 2007   Veena Das  Everyday Life and the Claims of the Other

    5. 2006   Tanya Luhrmann  Learning to be an Evangelical Christian

    6. 2005   Kay B. Warren  Transnationalism: Global Solutions, Local Realities

    7. 2004   Paul Farmer:  Swords of Sorrow: On Violence and Modernity

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  1. Malinowski Memorial Lectures

    1. 2012   Alpa Shah  The Muck of the Past: Revolution, Social Transformation and the Maoists in India  here

    2. 2011   Tobias Kelly Torture, Compassion, Doubt  here

    3. 2010   Rane Willerslev  Frazer Strikes Back form the Armchair here

    4. 2009   Joshua Barker  The Tycoon and the Tough: Towards a Comparative Anthropology of Urban Marginality  here

    5. 2008   Emma Tarlo  Visibly Muslim: An Anthropology of Appearances   here

    6. 2007   Yael Navarro-Yashin  Affective Spaces, Objects of Violence: ruination and the production of anthropological knowledge  here

    7. 2006   David Graeber  Beyond Power/Knowledge - an exploration of the relation of power, ignorance and stupidity  here

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Sir James George Frazer Memorial Lecture

    1. 2003  No appointment

    2. 1998  Joanna Overing The efficacy of laughter: the ludic side of magic within Amazonian sociality

    3. 1994  Jack Goody  Cognitive contradictions and universals: creation and evolution in oral cultures

    4. 1990  Maurice Bloch  The lessons and limitations of cognitive sciences for anthropologyJSTOR

    5. 1986  Marilyn Strathern  Out of context: the persuasive fictions of anthropologyJSTOR

    6. 1982  Marshall Sahlins  Captain James Cook; or, the dying god

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Radcliffe-Brown Lectures in Social Anthropology

    1. 2009  Lila Abu-Lughod   Anthropology in the Territory of Rights, Islamic, Human, and Otherwise ...

    2. 2007  Tim Ingold   Anthropology is Not Ethnography

    3. 2005  Philippe Descola  Beyond Nature and Culture

    4. 2003  Gillian Feeley-Harnik   The Geography of Descent

    5. 2001  James W Fernandez   The Disease of Language and the Language of Disease

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  1. Anthropology Emeritus Lectures: UC Berkeley

    1. 1999-2000 Susan Gal Language Ideologies and the Making of Difference - in honor of John J. Gumperz

    2. 2000-2001 James Lorand Matory  How I Became 'White': A Cross-Cultural Look at Race - in honor of William A. Shack

    3. 2001-2002 Robert A. LeVine  Culture and Personality: What Happened?  - in honor of George A. De Vos

    4. 2002-2003 Robin Fox  Burton Benedict and the Swinging 60's in Anthropology - in honor of Burton Benedict

    5. 2003-2004 G. William Skinner  Family-cum-Gender as a Cultural System - in honor of Eugene Hammel

    6. 2006 Ulf Hannerz  The Cultural Imagination: Culture Areas, Storylines, Scenarios - in honor of Gerald Berreman

    7. 2006 Juree Vichit-Vadakan  Unteasing the Thai Enigma of Social Change and Continuity - in honor of Herbert Phillips

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Evans-Pritchard Lectures

    1. Timothy Jenkins

    2. Roy Dilley

    3. David M Anderson

    4. David Zeitlyn

    5. Keith Brown

    6. Kai Kresse

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Wellek Library Lectures

    1. 2012     Bruno Latour 

    2. 2011     Donna Haraway  Playing Cat's Cradle with Companion Species

    3. 2010     Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o   The Hegelian Lord and Colonial Bondsman: Literature and the Politics of Knowing 

    4. 2009     Rosalyn Deutsche   Hiroshima after Iraq: Three Studies in Art and War

    5. 2008     Joan W. Scott Politics and Academic Freedom

    6. 2007     Elizabeth Grosz  Chaos, Territory, Art

    7. 2006     Talal Asad   Thinking about Suicide Bombing

    8. 2005     David Harvey Geographical Knowledges/Political Powers

    9. 2004     Achille Mbembe The Political Life of Sovereignty

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Huxley Memorial Lectures 

    1. 2011    Johannes Fabian  Cultural Anthropology and the Question of Knowledge .

    2. 2009    Ian Hodder    Human - Thing Entanglement: Towards an Integrated Archaeological Perspective

    3. 2008    Maurice Godelier   Community, Society, Culture: Three Keys to Understanding Today's Conflicted Identities

    4. 2007    Adam Kuper    Changing the Subject

    5. 2006    Leslie Aiello   Diet Energy and Human Evolution

    6. 2005    Peter Ucko   "Forms Such as Never Were in Nature": Forging Authenticity

    7. 2004    Marilyn Strathern   A Community of Critics?

    8. 2003    Gannanath Obeyesekere  Cannibal Talk: Dialogical Misunderstandings in the South Seas

    9. 2002    Jane Goodall   CBE 'The Scientific Study of Primates and its Impact on Contemporary World-Views

    10. 2001    John Middleton   Merchants

    11. 2000    Pierre Bourdieu   Participant Objectivation: Breaching the Boundary Between Anthropology and Sociology - How?

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Marett Memorial Lectures

    1. 2009   Scott Atran  Talking to the Enemy: The Dreams, Delusions and Science of Sacred Causes and Conflicts

    2. 2008   Sherry Ortner  Indie producers: Class and the production of value in the American independent film scene

    3. 2007   Jonathan Parry Hegemony and resistance: Trade union politics in central India 

    4. 2006  Christina Toren   How do we know what is true? The case of mana in Fiji

    5. 2005   Harvey Whitehouse   The evolution and history of religion

    6. 2004   John Bennet   Archaeologies of Homer

    7. 2003   Jonathan Webber   Making Sense of the Past: Reflections on Jewish Historical Consciousness

    8. 2002   Roger Just   Of fishers and boats, and sacrificial goats: Interpreting the commonplace

    9. 2001   James Patrick Mallory   The cultural worlds of the Indo-Europeans 

    10. 2000   Piers Vitebsky  Forgetting the ancestors: Living without the dead

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American Anthropological Association

    1. 2010   Jeremy Sabloff 

    2. 2008   Johnetta Cole  

    3. 2006   Sydel Silverman 

    4. 2004   Robert Edgerton   

    5. 2002   Fredrik Barth  

    6. 2000   Laura Nader  Anthropology!

    7. 1998   Emoke Szathmary 

    8. 1997  Yolanda T Moses   

    9. 1996   Sidney W Mintz 

    10. 1994   Patty Jo Watson 

    11. 1993   Roy Rappaport  The Anthropology of Trouble

    12. 1992   J. Desmond Clark  Coming into Focus

    13. 1991   Marvin Harris   Anthropology and the Theoretical and Paradigmatic Significance of the Collapse of Soviet and East European Communism

    14. 1990   Floyd G Lounsbury   

    15. 1989   Eric R Wolf   Facing Power - Old Insights, New Questions

    16. 1988   Mary Douglas  The Hotel Kwilu - A Model of Models

Edvard Westermarck Memorial Lectures

    1. 2009   Marilyn Strathern  Comparing Concerns: Some issues in organ and other donations

    2. 2007   Webb Keane  Religious Practice and the Claims of Anthropology

    3. 2005   Marshall Sahlins   Hierarchy, Equality, and the Sublimation of Anarchy: Western Illusion of Human Nature 

    4. 2003   Nancy Munn   The ‘Becoming-Past’ of Places: Spacetime and Memory in mid-19th Century New York City

    5. 2001   Bruce Kapferer   Ethnicity, Nationalism and the Culture of the State

    6. 1999   Roy Wagner   The Reprojective Basis of Human Society

    7. 1997   Arthur Kleinman   From One Human Nature to Many Human Conditions: An Anthropological Enquiry into Suffering as Moral Experience in a Disordering Age

    8. 1993   Jean Comaroff   Contentious Subjects: Moral Being in the Modern World 

    9. 1992   Maurice Bloch   Internal and External Memory: Different Ways of Being in History 

    10. 1989   George E. Marcus  Late Twentieth Century Strategies for Producing Ethnography

    11. see the complete list

Other Lecture Series in Which Anthropologists have Appeared

    1. The Reith Lectures (Edmund Leach, etc.)

    2. Gifford Lecture Series  (Mary Douglas, etc.)

    3. Massey Lecture Series

      1. 19__  Claude Lévi-Strauss Myth and Meaning

      2. 2009  Wade Davis  

    1. Tanner Lectures

      1. 1985   Clifford Geertz   The Uses of Diversity  here

      2. 1989   Ernest Gellner   The Civil and the Sacred here

      3. 2005   Paul Farmer  Never Again: Reflection on human values and human rights,  here

      4. 1998   Arthur Kleinman Experience and Its Moral Modes: Culture, Human Conditions, and Disorder, here

      5. 2005   Marshall Sahlins Hierarchy, Equality, and the Sublimation of Anarchy: the Western Illusion of Human Nature, here

    2. Charles M. and Martha Hitchcock Lectures